Welcome to the Icefire Glass site.

Between the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and the shores of the river Clyde, which between 1856 till 1956 produced half the worlds merchant shipping, lies the Vale of Leven.
We have been in our
Antartex studio for nearly 15 years having moved from North Wales.
John works the hot glass and Anne colours it using special metallic glass lustres. The finished product is extremely
durable, and enables us to send our glassware all over the world.
Our products tend to be mainly Scottish themed with a smattering of Welsh and Irish thrown in for good measure.
We also specialise in fantasy pieces, dragons, unicorns, pegasus and fairies being particularly popular, Another area
we have a vast experience in is heraldic insignia, clan crests, military mascots and cap badges, we enjoy a challenge and are open to most ideas.